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HIJOS DE LA MUSICA LATINA empowers talented Latino youth in the bay area interested in Salsa and Afro Cuban Son by providing them with the instructors, instruments and education required to help them achieve their dreams. Through enlisting the support of our neighborhoods, its schools, and its leaders, HIJOS DE LA MUSICA LATINA makes a difference in the Latino community, by assuring that the music and the culture it represents, endure from this generation to the next. They acquire a sense of dignity, self-discipline and pride.  This is what they take back to the community.

HIJOS DE LA MUSICA LATINA's focus is primarily on financially, economically and emotionally at-risk children who have a certified talent or gift for Latin music. Scholarship applicants will be reviewed by instructors and approved by the Program Music Director. Information regarding the availability of this scholarship will be distributed utilizing placement within the school district, the community and local religious organizations. By providing the means of keeping the music alive, HIJOS DE LA MUSICA LATINA gives students a new direction that will not only foster their musical talent, but also enhance their academic abilities and enrich their cultural pride.

For a culture to thrive, its music must survive. To accomplish this goal we must empower our youth by making sure that they have the education and the tools readily available in order to pursue that dream. They are the “HIJOS DE LA MUSICA LATINA”, and it is our objective that through them the culture and the music lives on.